“I just want to tell you that I am amazed at what you’ve done. Your commitment to these kids and the positive influence you have on them and all of us, as parents, really cannot be overstated”
-coach MATT

Parent Quotes

  • Coach Matt

    I just want to tell you that I am amazed at what you’ve done. Your commitment to these kids and the positive influence you have on them and all of us, as parents, really cannot be overstated.

    Good for you!

  • Coach Herman

    Coach Herman has been an inspiration to my son.  Our family has been through a lot and Coach Herman helped my son during the most difficult of times.
    He doesn’t just care about basketball he cares about my son and everyone on his team.

  • Thanks Coach Terry

    Thank you Coach Terry!  You are so awesome with our kids…you are patient and positive. You teach fundamentals better than any other coach I’ve been around.

  • Coach Willie – Thank You

    I want to thank Coach Willie for his calmness and demand for respect from my son (and all of his players).  Without a male role model in our house I needed some firm guidance with my son. My son always says “I just love Coach Willie”.  He’s an outstanding coach and role model.

  • Coach Peanut…We Can’t Wait For The Season To Start

    Coach Peanut is the best.  When he’s not harassing the refs (hilarious by the way) he’s an excellent coach.  He’s got this swagger about him that the kids enjoy.
    He doesn’t like to get on you but when he does everyone listens.  My son really enjoys being around him.

  • Coach Jenkins Is The Best

    Coach Jenkins has been amazing.  He’s calm, cool and collected.  My boys really look up to him and when Coach Jenkins talks, they listen.  Great Coach!

  • Thank You Coach Matt

    First off, I can’t emphasize enough what a great experience this was for my son. We’ve talked about this before, but I just want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate him being able to be a part of Thunder Struck. It was awesome to watch.

    I think your coaching staff and style were great, the tournament schedule was just about right, and practices were something that I could manage. I think you did a great job of tamping down any parental issues and made a tough decision when you had to. That kind of stuff can easily destroy a team, but you were able to get out in front of it.

    Again thank you for an amazing year!

  • Coaches…

    They define courage, team, and selflessness. Great job guys. You’re #1 in our hearts.

Coaches Quotes

  • Coach Matt

    Always surround yourself with good people…on and off the court

  • Coach Herman

    The effort you give in practice is the effort you’ll give during a game

  • Coach Jenkins

    Give 100% all the time or give nothing at all

  • Coach Matt

    If you don’t think you’ll succeed you will never be successful.

  • Coach Willie

    Do it right, then do it light

Latest News

Thunder Struck 2016 Season Officially Begins

Our 2016 officially kicks off as we send four of our teams to South Florida to play in the very competitive Wellington March Madness tournament. Historically this tournament is the most competitive tournament in the month of March in Florida. Follow us here SCHEDULE


We have released our 2016 schedule for all of our travel teams. SCHEDULE


Thunder Struck finished the 2015 travel basketball season winning not only on the court but off the court as well. Key Highlights – All of our student athletes successfully completed/passed onto the next grade (the tutoring works) – 7th grade team brought home 2 state championships and 2 national championships – 9th grade team brought home a state championship and national championship – 8th grade won 6 tournaments (36-7 record) – 6th grade won 2 tournaments (32-6 record) – 11th […]


Thunder Struck 9th grade had an outstanding showing in Las Vegas July 22nd-26th for the Adidas Uprising Summer Championship featuring the top teams from all over the country. Thunder Struck 9th continued to raise eye brows losing a heart breaker in brack play to nationally ranked D1 Minnesota. D1 Minnesota won the tournament by defeating Team Rio National in the semi-finals by 35 points and Team Loaded Virginia by 15 points in the finals. “We went to Las Vegas believing […]


Thunder Struck 7th grade continues their amazing season by defeating top ranked Team Puerto Rico in the YBOA National Championship game 60-49. They have extended their winning streak to 37 games. The victory over Team Puerto Rico was their 64th win of the season.

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Coach Peanut – We Can’t Wait For The Season To Start

Coach Jenkins is the best

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Thank You Coach Matt

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